10 Foods Prone To Cancer

To avoid deadly diseases like cancer, don’t try to eat food carelessly. So here will explain some types of foods that are limited or must be avoided so that they are far from the effects of cancer.

As you know yourself that processed or ready-to-eat food and it can also be said that instant food is a food that is very susceptible to triggering the development of cancer in our bodies.

Usually, instant foods and processed foods generally contain high levels of sugar, fat and sodium. If these foods are consumed continuously in excess amounts, then you will have a high risk of being exposed to cancer. It can even be obese and increase manifold because of consuming these foods.

There is a research study published in the journal PLOS Medicine to find a link between a low-nutrient diet and an increased risk of cancer. Researchers from the UK conducted a nutritional labeling known as the nutrient score which has been in use since 2007.

This label is used to evaluate the diets of more than 470,000 adults. After being researched and corrected, there are many other factors that also trigger such as exercise and smoking habits. Researchers found that adults who had a poor diet were at risk of developing stomach, colorectal, respiratory cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer.

10 Foods Prone To Cancer

  • Baked Foods

For food lovers who are served grilled, they must be careful. Because it is not the level of maturity of the meat, this is more about how to cook meat on a grill which is carcinogenic, especially when using charcoal.

  • Fermented Food

Fermented foods are increasingly popular lately, because this type of food is believed to be able to provide a myriad of benefits because it contains good bacteria to prevent the digestive tract. This is true, but not completely. Because fermented foods themselves generally contain high levels of salt (sodium), they are associated with an increased risk of stomach cancer.

  • Cured Meat

If cured meats such as sausages, ham and salami. They have a distinctive taste, but in the charcuterie process, the compound nitrite is found to trigger the development of colon cancer.

  • Alcoholic Drinks

Mia Gaudet, PhD, head of scientific epidemiology research for the American Cancer Society (ACS), says that excessive or excessive intake of alcohol is strongly associated with an increased risk of cancer.

  • Unsaturated Fat

One study found that a breast cancer patient who consumed a diet containing unsaturated fat was 78% more likely to die within 7 years of diagnosis than those who avoided eating this type of unsaturated fat. It is not definitely related to cancer, but it does happen.

  • Red Meat

Believe it or not, this diet is more than 18 ounces of total red meat per week can increase the risk of colorectal cancer, this is proven by the American Institute for Cancer Research, namely beef, pork and lamb.

  • Soda Drinks

For this one is a drink where soda is a sweet drink that is proven to increase body weight and this condition is one of the factors that can increase the risk of cancer.

  • Microwave-Cooked Popcorn

This microwave is coated with a nonstick substance containing PFOA (carcinogen) and research has shown that these chemicals can increase the risk of liver cancer, testicular cancer and pancreatic cancer. This is proven in animals which are used as testing instruments.

  • Canned Tomato Sauce

Usually these canned tomatoes use cans with the type of bisphenol A (BPA). This BPA can interfere with the production of sex hormones and increase the risk of breast and prostate cancer. Because tomatoes tend to absorb the chemicals from the lining of the can and make them a much more concentrated source of BPA.

  • Hot Drinks

According to a study conducted, serving a drink with a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius or higher can increase the risk of esophageal cancer (esophagus). The high temperature can usually damage tissue and make the body susceptible to the development of cancerous lesions.

There may be some people who do not believe that some of the foods and drinks above can cause cancer development.

As you have read above, these are some foods that are thought to cause various types of cancer in our bodies. Maybe this has not been fully proven, but several things have happened. So there is nothing wrong if we remain vigilant and careful in choosing daily foods. If you avoid these various types of food, it is possible that you will get a healthy and fit body.